Simultaneously artist and craftsman, flavor and unique experience

Prestigious events


Company creation



Aix en Provence / From Provence to the French Riviera via the Luberon and the Var, we cover the whole of the South East and we can go anywhere in France


Prestigious events

Gastronomy and modern cuisine using local products of the highest quality


Frédéric Bernard, the father, chef, founding director

Experience, expertise and demand at all times

Jean-Baptiste Bernard, the son, chef and director

Trained by Michelin-starred chefs, he embodies the modernity and talent of French gastronomy


The scenography is neat and sought after, every detail is reflected 

The luxury of French gastronomy at the service of events

Chefs always up to date with the latest culinary trends, this is an elaborate service rich in flavors that we offer you

The guarantee of having chefs Frédéric and Jean Baptiste Bernard on your services, we only take one event per day

Quality before quantity




From 170€ cocktail to desserts

Number of guests

10 to 1000 guests



The promotion of craftsmanship and local know-how: we work with high-level local suppliers: organic fruits and vegetables from Pelissane, small free-range animal breeding in Rians, foie gras coming from ducks which are not force-fed, line-caught wild fishes and more. Everything we offer is made from fresh, seasonal produce.


We allow 1 waiter for 15 guests. Our waiters offer a prestigious and first-class care. 

80% of appetizers are served on a platter. 

They are dressed with white shirts, wooden bow ties and black pants. 

They are experienced, low-key and smiling.


Beyond taste, which is our priority, a great importance is put on innovation and aesthetic

Hence, we often use edible flowers on our platters and other accessories that bring out the beauty of our appetizers. 


We don’t use any plastic. We are very committed to the protection of our Planet, that is why our single-use accessories are all made of wood or bamboo. 

We put our organic waste in a composter. To complete the picture, our compost is then given to our local producers, to enrich their soils.


Place people at the heart of everything and collaborate in trust, conviviality and kindness, to encourage the sharing and transmission of knowledge, with our teams, our customers, our service providers.


Native from Cargiaca in southern Corsica, I have always had this love for regional goods and seafood. Being a cook is a vocation and a fascinating profession which has never left me for 32 years.

I first managed two restaurants in Aix en Provence, then created in 2001 Frédéric Bernard Traiteur in order to fully commit to events.

My kitchen is the space where I constantly imagine, seek and try. I love reworking French cuisine and add some modernity to it. My cuisine is also authentic, pioneering, refined and fully homemade. I commit to smoke my salmon myself and to create my foie gras myself too.

The quality demand is what drives me to select the most renowned French producers. I have been working for many years with the best small local fruit and vegetable farmers. I only work with fresh and seasonal products so that the taste always is a priority.

Over the last 19 years we have organized exceptional events in Provence, on the French Riviera and in the rest of the country. Our great expertise, our knowledge and our creativity make sure that each of our receptions is a memorable and unforgettable party.

Each event is conceived in a unique way with a care for detail and elegance. An intimate dinner or a hundred guests dinner reception, nothing scares our fabulous team.

Do not hesitate to contact us, since I will be studying your project with the greatest joy in order to offer you an exceptional reception.

Sincerely yours, Frédéric Bernard